Blood Drive committee organizes drive for Friday

By Lizzy Thomas A blood drive will be hosted by UCLA this Friday during periods one through seven in Chalmers lounge. The Blood Drive commitee coordinated the drive, which is the first of two that the commitee will put on this year. Students must be at least 16 to donate blood and those under 17 […]

Only seven out of eight

By Vivien Mao When it comes to freedom in choosing a curriculum, Harvard-Westlake, compared to other secondary schools, is pretty lenient. But there are still many major flaws and frustrations I find when I try to plan my next year’s classes. There are eight periods in one day, each one 45 minutes long. Yet with […]

Directed Study Italian to continue with advanced course

By Michelle Nosratian The Directed Study Italian class, started last year by a group of six juniors and spearheaded by French teacher Simona Ghirlanda, is set to continue this year as Directed Study Italian II after the juniors who originally signed up for the class requested to continue as seniors. The continuation of Directed Study […]

Jazz students gain better understanding of drums

All four periods of jazz music had a drum workshop on April 16. The workshop was held by a drum expert who routinely runs on the track at school, Ed Roscetti. Roscetti agreed to give all the jazz classes a lesson in beats and drums. The purpose of the lesson was to enhance students’ knowledge […]

Senior seminars would keep us tied to school

By Lauren Rose I have a confession. You probably won’t believe me, and if you do, you may not want to talk to me anymore. But here it is: some small part of me doesn’t want APs to end. Some small part of me is worried about those last few weeks of the year, those […]