An analysis of Affirmative Action

Last year, the Chronicle published an article called “Slipping Through the Safety Net: Students deal with lower acceptance rates at universities.” The matriculation statistics in big text were terrifying, and I recall loud, panicked discussion of our college prospects. Students seemed worried that the “Harvard-Westlake advantage” had been lost. Too often do students seem to […]

#The Struggle is Real: the West and the White Savior Complex

#The Struggle is Real: the West and the White Savior Complex

Superhero movies are always the same. Powerless, struggling characters are in trouble and only the superhero has the ability to save them. The protagonist defeats the villain, saves the helpless characters and maintains good in the world. In reality, this is not where the movie ends. Our superheroes are the white saviors, and though they […]

Construction leads to change in arrival policy

By Victor Yoon Policies for late student arrivals on campus have changed as a result of the construction taking place on campus and on Coldwater Canyon. Previously, students who arrived at school late for their classes needed to check in with Attendance Coordinator Gabriel Preciado before proceeding to class. However, because the construction on campus […]

Prefect Statement: Reid Lidow

Reid Lidow Why do you think you should be Head Prefect? I am running for Head Prefect because I enjoy being involved in Student Government. There are many ideas and goals I have yet to examine and execute as a member of the Prefect Council, but most importantly, I value and enjoy this privilege that […]