Construction leads to change in arrival policy

By Victor Yoon

Policies for late student arrivals on campus have changed as a result of the construction taking place on campus and on Coldwater Canyon.

Previously, students who arrived at school late for their classes needed to check in with Attendance Coordinator Gabriel Preciado before proceeding to class. However, because the construction on campus impedes students’ routes to many classes, students are now supposed to go to class first and then sign in with Preciado after class. 

Additionally, students no longer have to sign in with their teachers or with Preciado if they do not have a  their first period class.

While seniors and juniors had this privilege in previous years, the policy was extended to sophomores in order to lessen the number of people coming in to school at 8 a.m. According to Preciado, the administration is hoping that this policy change will help reduce the traffic on Coldwater, which has increased as a result of the construction.

“For now, these changes are temporary,” Preciado said. “They may become permanent depending on how things go, but for now we’re hoping that students won’t abuse the changes.”