Faculty showcase artwork in Feldman-Horn Gallery

Faculty showcase artwork in Feldman-Horn Gallery

Faculty and staff displayed their art in Feldman-Horn Gallery from Nov. 4 to 20. Students in Video Art II and III also created media art with the theme “Time Over Space” for the first 3D media art showcase, which is being displayed from Dec. 9 to 13. Faculty display artwork to community Visual arts teacher […]

Photography, video art students attend storytelling trip

Photography and video art students attended a four day HWGo! storytelling trip focused on exploring bodies of water in Southern California. Students were able to visit the Salton Sea and surrounding towns, chaperoned by visual arts teacher Jesse Chehak and visual arts substitute Reb Limerick. According to Limerick, HWGo! trips are planned to raise more […]

Reb Limerick joins visual arts department

Reb Limerick will join the Visual Arts department for the upcoming school year as a new teacher of Video Art I, Video Art II and Video Art III. “I love to help students discover deep connections between themselves, their studies and the world at large,” Limerick said. “I see myself as a catalyst within the […]