The Academic Epidemic: Some Seniors Lose Motivation Once they Enter Second Semester

The Academic Epidemic: Some Seniors Lose Motivation Once they Enter Second Semester

After discussing genetic mutations in AP Biology, the conversation took a lighthearted turn to talk about a condition more relatable to students. The symptoms for “senioritis,” including lack of motivation and oversleeping, seemed all too familiar to Eitán Sneider ’17. While he listed the side effects, Sneider’s teacher stared unfalteringly at him, confirming his diagnosis. […]

Junior wins Italian essay competition

By Mariel Brunman Annie Wasserman ’13 placed first in an Italian essay writing competition run by the Consulate General of Italy and the Department of Italian Language and Research at UCLA. The competition took place on May 12. Wasserman started learning Italian two years ago through a Harvard-Westlake summer course, then continued through Directed Studies. […]

4 debaters compete with national team in Turkey, New Zealand

By Wendy Chen Three students are competing in a New Zealand debate tournament this month, while one student has recently returned from a debate tournament held in Turkey.Ben Sprung-Keyser ’11, Miranda Van Iderstine ’13 and Elle Wilson ’13 are currently debating in a tournament in New Zealand until Feb. 20. Luke Holthouse ’13 competed in […]

Make it better

by Cathi Choi My junior year English classroom pulsated with energy, fueled by intellectual curiosity and heated discussions that cracked open my adolescent shell. There I explored and understood how words are nothing but thwarted vessels of communication. “Love,” says Addie in “As I Lay Dying” is “just a shape to fill a lack.”’ It […]

English teacher fills in while Turner on leave

By Sade Tavangarian Chuck Berezin has joined the English department for the remainder of second semester in place of teacher Jill Turner. Berezin is returning to teaching after working for a management consultant. He previously taught literature at the University of Chicago and Tufts University. Turner is currently on maternity leave and looking forward to […]


by Erin Moy Lately, change has been in every aspect of our lives. Signs, bumper stickers and news reports inundate us daily. It is no longer a mere word; change has become a dogma. Obviously, change is an inescapable part of life. It is part of what the high school experience is all about. There […]

Pressed for time

By Jamie Kim and Lauren Seo Paulina Shahery ’09 is not ashamed of using something that is her right. She doesn’t see her disability as anything but a difference in the way her brain is wired. According to the National Institutes of Health, around 15 percent of the U.S. population is affected by a learning […]

Schrode to resign after 14 years of teaching

By Michael Kaplan Eric Schrode, who during 14 years teaching English and history at the Upper School instituted both the One-Acts Festival and a program that over several summers took hundreds of Harvard-Westlake students to perform in Edinburgh, Scotland, told his students today that he would resign effective Jan. 28. “I write those words – […]