Trying to maintain an inclusive student body

“Harvard-Westlake strives to be a diverse and inclusive community united by the joyful pursuit of educational excellence, living and learning with integrity, and purpose beyond ourselves.” We’ve heard these words of the mission statement many times from President Rick Commons, enough for the student body to make jokes about it, because most of us feel […]

Mastering Dreams

Mastering Dreams

The day before he had to give a presentation in school, Sean Jung ’16 concentrated on engraining the topic into his memory while looking at himself in front of a mirror, before he went to sleep. In his dream that night, he was able to give his presentation to his class, and when he woke […]

Senior wins trip to Croatia for Rwanda film

Katherine Calvert ’15 won a full scholarship to a three-week summer program in Dubrovnik, Croatia with Relativity Film. The scholarship was one of the two highest awards presented at the Archer Film Festival April 29 for her film “Reweaving: Rwanda After Rape.” “Receiving any recognition for my film is incredible especially because this is the […]

Fear Factor: Students with Phobias

Fear Factor: Students with Phobias

In one of her AP Biology lectures last year, the teacher showed a photo of a beehive. Even though it was merely a picture on the screen, Jill* ’15 remembers breaking out in a cold sweat and choking on her breath. She tried to calm herself by taking deep breaths but eventually asked to go […]

Cambodian genocide survivor visits Upper School

Cambodian genocide survivor Arn Chorn-Pond visited the upper school campus on April 13, the day classes resumed after spring break. Chorn-Pond answered questions during a presentation in Feldman-Horn room 107 open to all students during activities period. He also visited other classes throughout the day. Chorn-Pond was hosted by Visual Arts Department Chair Cheri Gaulke, […]

Seven novice debaters win speaker awards in Atlanta

Seven debate students in the novice division won speaker awards at the Woodward Novice Nationals debate tournament, which took place in Atlanta on March 20-22. Liz Yount ’17 won the first speaker award, Evan Engel ’17 won second, Indu Pandey ’18 won fourth, Matthew Gross ’19 won seventh, Nick Platt ’19 won eight, Ethan Rosen ’19 […]

Grafitti sparks dialogue to empower

Posters of students and faculty imitating the Wonder Woman pose with an encouraging word they chose were hung on the quad and displayed on TV screens around campus in reaction to the “lipstick graffiti” found in the girl’s restroom in Seaver Academic Center. Assistant Director of Communications Shauna Altieri organized the project as a response […]



All students attending Harvard-Westlake have gone through its application process, most with help from parents or guardians. Youna Choi’s ’17 experience was different from others’. Her mother speaks Korean and has a limited understanding of English, something that led to problems when she applied to high school. Choi’s older sister, Eojin Choi ’14, helped her […]

Backstage at Shakespeare's 'As You Like It'

“Standby 120 … 120, then house lights and sound.” When stage manager Victoria Keating ’16 gives the cue, lights and sound shift, and the play ends. The winter play “As You Like It” was Keating’s third gig as a stage manager. The play, performed in Rugby Auditorium, opened on Feb. 5 and ran until Feb. […]

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