Community celebrates break with winter festivities

Community celebrates break with winter festivities

Students dressed up in ski gear, onesies and more this week for the annual Winterfest celebrations in anticipation of Winter Break. Social Committee and Prefect Council chose to continue the tradition to alleviate stress before the mid-year assessments and to unite the community, Head Prefect Cate Wolfen ’17 said. “Winterfest brings people together during the […]

Clubs sponsor Halloween-themed festivities

Clubs sponsor Halloween-themed festivities

Students celebrated Halloween festivities Oct. 31 and participated in events hosted by Social Committee, ranging from a Halloween costume contest to themed movies in the lounge. Participating students walked down a runway in the lounge during Activities to showcase their costumes.  Sultan Daniels ’19 as Sokka from “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “Curious George” father-daughter combination […]

Social Committee sells Valentine’s grams

Social Committee members began selling Valentine’s Day grams on Tuesday, and sales will continue through Thursday on the quad from fifth to eighth period. Each $1 gram will be delivered to lockers on Friday with a lollipop and optional personalized message. On Friday, the committee will sell Valentine’s Day Krispy Kreme donuts for $2 on […]

Appreciate it now

By Anabel Pasarow At the start of every school year we tell ourselves to get the Community Service requirement out of the way early on or to join the Social Committee because we secretly want to but have never allowed ourselves the time. Somehow, more pressing things always seem to preoccupy us and we are […]

Social Committee taking co-chair applications

By Sade Tavangarian The Social Committee formed by prefects Aarti Rao ’10 and Jennie Porter ’10 that plans fundraisers and theme activities during Wednesday breaks is currently taking applications from interested juniors and sophomores for co-chair next year.

Social Committee applications available

By Neha Nimmagadda The Prefect Council has created a Social Committee, chaired by Prefects Aarti Rao ’10 and Christine Kanoff ’11, who will be in charge of theme days. The committee will help plan events for the newly implemented Wednesday breaks. Applications to be on the committee are due by this Friday, which makes the […]