Peer Support chooses coordinators, trainees

Upper school psychologist and Peer Support Program Head Luba Bek announced coordinators and trainees for the 2017-2018 school year April 24 and May 19, respectively. Axel Rivera de Leon ’18, Charlotte Weinman ’18, Jake Neuman ’18 and Isabel Wiatt ’18 will be next year’s coordinators. Sophomores applying for a trainee position filled out an application […]

Leaders announce new Peer Support trainees

School counselor and humanities teacher Luba Bek announced the Peer Support trainees for the 2016-2017 school year in an email on Friday. The 26 sophomores were chosen from an application pool of 68 students. The group is comprised of 12 girls and 14 boys. Peer Support is a system of student-led groups on campus committed […]

Peer Support trainees announced

The Peer Support Trainees for 2008-2009 were announced this week. The trainees are: •  Kat Arenella •  Jake Axelrad •  Berni Barta •  Jake Fernandez •  Meg Fleming •  Charlie Fogarty •  Elana Fruchtman •  Jake Gutman •  Jenna Hamburger •  Michael Karsh •  Ava Kofman •  Nicola Kronstadt •  Drew Lash •  Jacqi Lee […]

End Big C Hypocrisy

By Michael Kaplan This summer I counseled 11-year olds and taught sailing and windsurfing for two months at a boys’ camp in Northern Wisconsin. I have a newfound respect for my mother because I can only imagine what I was like at 11 years old. The camp environment forced 11 year olds to help each […]

Growing student interest overwhelms Peer Support

The student therapy group Peer Support is bigger this year than any other. There are 360 students who signed up, but 300 came to the first meeting. The students are split into 16 smaller groups, which have more students in them and are not as effective, according to its faculty supervisor and school counselor Luba […]