MS singers, musicians, perform at Heritage Music Festival in San Francisco

Sharon Chow

The Middle School Symphony, Madrigals, and Vocal Ensemble performed at the Heritage Music Festival of Gold in San Francisco from March 14 to March 18. The three groups were all invited to perform at the festival based on their performances at the Heritage Music Festival last April in Anaheim.


The Heritage Music Festivals happens all over the country-the “best” groups at each regional level qualify to go on to the “Gold Festival” level,” choir director Nina Burtchaell said.

The Symphony, Madrigals and Vocal Ensemble played with other groups in the “Gold” level, all of which scored a 90 or above out of 100 to be invited to San Francisco. Five other high school groups will be participating along with a non-school affiliated group called the Children’s Choir. The Harvard-Westlake groups have been invited to the Heritage Music Festival of Gold twice. Two years ago, the Festival was held in Chicago.“The purpose of this trip is to perform and listen to the best groups around and receive feedback from amazing teachers and leaders in the music education world,” Symphony conductor Emily Reola said.

The Symphony performed pieces including “Hungarian March” by Berlioz and Danse Infernale by Stravinsky. The Madrigals sang “Sons de Camagüey” arranged by Stephan Hatfield and the Vocal Ensemble sang “Chantez à Dieu” by Eleanor Daley.