Girls basketball loses to Etiwanda High School

Charlie Seymour

The girls basketball team lost to Etiwanda High School 60-55 Wednesday at home, leaving the squad with a 7-2 overall record having no league games played thus far.

The squad built up a four-game win streak from the season opener but lost 64-62 at the hands of West Torrance High School. The team then garnered a three-game win streak that was ended by the Eagles, ranked No. 5 overall in California, according to, marking the end of the momentum. 

Guard Vita Saffari ’22 says the team will take the loss in stride and will rebuild for the next game.

“I don’t think the loss will really negatively affect us much, if at all,” Saffari said. “Even though we lost, we played well against a good team.”

Taking an early nine-point lead in the first quarter, the Wolverines struggled the rest of the second half, letting the Eagles pull ahead 28-25. The Wolverines then continued to be outscored during the third quarter 11-8. The squad was able to outscore the Eagles by one point in the fourth quarter, but it wasn’t enough to make up for the deficit. Forward Kiki Iriafen ’21 led the team in points with 21, Krista Semaan ’21 and Kimiko Katzaroff ’21 following with 13 and 11 points each, respectively. 

Saffari said that the team plans to move forward from the loss by working hard during practice. 

“Something that our coach always talks about is putting in our best effort in practice so that we are ready for those tougher games,” Saffari said. “I think [implementing our coach’s advice is] something that’ll definitely help us bounce back after this loss.”

The squad will face the Viewpoint Patriots in its next game at home on April 24.