Between the Posts with Daniela Grande ’15

Lucy Putnam

Goalie Daniela Grande ’15 saved four out of five shots in strokes during the field hockey’s semifinal playoff matchup against Edison, which allowed her team to advance to the Los Angeles Field Hockey Association Championships match on Nov. 1.

Why did you decide to play field hockey?

I started in eighth grade because I wanted to stay sporty and do more sports other than swimming.

What is it like to direct older players as a younger goalie?

I don’t think of it as bossing around other upperclassmen. I think of it more as helping the team out by communicating to them. Even when I am not saving goals, it’s my way to contribute.

How do you feel before an opponent shoots the ball?

I feel like I need to prepare myself mentally, and it’s also really scary because the ball goes really quickly, but I just focus on where the ball is and where I need to be.

How did you feel after you won the penalty shoot out?

I was just really proud of myself because all of my work this season has paid off. I’m finally the goalie that I wanted to be.

What was it like not to have a goalie coach this season?

Because I did Futures [Olympic Development Program] last season, I learned a lot more techniques. I remembered them this season so I was able to utilize those instead of having a goalie coach.

Do you plan on playing field hockey in college?

I want to focus on my studies in college, but I might do club field hockey. I might want to play at Princeton. I went to a field hockey camp there this past summer and really enjoyed it.

What are the downsides of being a goalie?

The biggest downside is probably the smell of the gear. You don’t get to wash it that often so it has a distinct smell that everyone smells.

What was going through your mind during the penalty shoot out against Edison?

I didn’t want to let the team down because the game depended on me. I really wanted to get to the championships because I know everyone wanted that, and I just wanted everyone to be happy.

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