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DRIVING THE CHARGE: After six straight wins at the start of the season, Fiene Oerlemans ’22 scans the field in a loss against Bonita High School on Ted Slavin Field on Sept. 23. The team bounced back from the loss with a 6-0 closeout win against Edison High School on Oct. 1.

Field hockey wins four games after historic loss

Charlie Seymour October 17, 2021

The girls field hockey team’s successful season continued, reaching a 6-0 overall record until a 2-0 loss to Bonita High School on Sept. 23 ended their winning streak. The team beat Bonita 1-0 last year,...

Field hockey loses first game in three seasons

Kriste An September 26, 2021

The field hockey team lost its first home league game of the season 2-0 against Bonita High School on Thursday, moving the team’s overall record to 6-1. This is the squad’s first loss in three seasons.  Sarina...

Dylan Perkins ’23, Casey Ross ’23, Preston Yeh ’23, Ryann Castanon-Hill ’23 and Chiara Umbeko ’23 spend time together.

He’s the man: Spotlight on Dylan Perkins ’23

Fallon Dern August 26, 2021

Dylan Perkins ’23 leaned on a poster-covered wall and said he’s never known how to smile in photos. Casey Ross ’23, Preston Yeh ’23 and Ryann Castanon-Hill ’23 surrounded him, calling out poses...

The team celebrates after winning their third consecutive Los Angeles Field Hockey Association Title in a row. Credit: David Moriarty

Dawn of a Dynasty

Lucas Lee December 9, 2019

As the buzzer went off, captain and forward Astor Wu ’20 realized that the LAFHA Championship game was over. Looking up from her stance, she locked eyes with captain and midfielder Rachel Brown ’20...

Credit: Zack Schwartz/Chronicle

Wolverines Only: Cypress Toomey

Cypress Toomey March 20, 2019

I believe sports have the power to connect people like little else can: from championships to heartbreaks, long bus rides to brutal conditioning, every member of the team is engaged and connected. While...

In it to win it: A look into the most successful athletic programs at the school

In it to win it: A look into the most successful athletic programs at the school

Keila McCabe February 21, 2019

With the sun beating down on the field, Caroline Sturgeon '20 crouched in the goal, her heart racing as her eyes focused on a quick Huntington Beach High School midfielder weaving through defenders. The...

Credit: Ryan Albert/Chronicle

Wolverines Only: Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown December 12, 2018

My first experience with Harvard-Westlake field hockey was in third grade. Young and scared, my three best friends and I had recently started playing and were looking to perfect our skills during the...

Why I love sports

Why I love sports

Lucas Gelfond April 28, 2018

One year ago I was your average sport-hater. I had never watched a full football game other than the Super Bowl. I regularly declined invites to basketball and baseball games. I had never made a...

Field hockey players receive title rings

Spencer Klink February 14, 2018

Every member of the field hockey team received a ring for their record-breaking season during a ceremony held during the First and Third Assembly on Wednesday, Feb. 7 in Taper Gym. The team maintained...

Field hockey dominates in perfect season

Lucas Gelfond November 21, 2017

As the clock ran out and the scoreboard read 3-1, excitement ran through the crowd and team. Months of hard work, lifting, practices and 20 games ended up in a perfect season. The field hockey team won...

After a perfect season, the girls field hockey team poses after defeating Newport on Saturday. Photo Credit; Lucas Gelford/Chronicle

Field hockey wins CIF title after perfect season

Lucas Gelfond November 4, 2017

Field hockey beat Newport 3-1 to win the CIF title after a 20-0 season. The team only allowed three goals throughout the season. Head coach Erin Creznic said she was pleased with the result. "As I had...

Field hockey continues winning streak into last two games of season

Lucas Gelfond November 2, 2017

Field hockey beat Glendora 4-0 in the CIF semi-finals. This is the team’s third win against Glendora, beating them 2-1 and 2-0 earlier in season. The team is now 19-0. Team captain Alyse Tran '18 said...

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