HWTV wins first place in Student Television Network Live Sports Event Broadcast


Salil Mehta

Assistant Opinion Editor Julian Andreone ’22 records a live broadcast at a boys lacrosse game.

Mimi Landes

The Harvard Westlake Television (HWTV) HWTV Broadcast, led by Broadcast teacher  Max Tash, won first place in the United States for the 2020-21 Student Television Network Live Sports Event Broadcast. The broadcast of the Boys Varsity Football game at the Rose Bowl Stadium on April 9 was the event that earned HWTV the first place award.

Tash submitted the first five minutes of the game, which included a touchdown from both teams. Tash said there is a lot that can go wrong during the broadcast, but everything worked out.

“The replays were right on time, the graphics were right on time, everything was working out and that’s how you get an award like this,” Tash said. “It’s not only teamwork on the field, but it’s teamwork behind the camera.”

Broadcasters reflect on their experience in the program

Chronicle Digital Managing Editor Kyle Reims ’21, who announced the game, said he felt honored that HWTV received the award.

“The way it happened is Mr. Tash submitted the first five minutes of the game, and of all of the clips that were submitted from other schools and other programs, they decided that ours was the number one, so it’s very exciting,” Reims said.

Reims said that announcing at the Rose Bowl Stadium was a life-changing experience. He said he feels lucky to have been a part of announcing for HWTV.

“It was just one of those things where it’s a bucket list item I didn’t even know that I had,” Reims said. “It was just such a crazy experience knowing that I can now look back and say I announced a game at the Rose Bowl, and then to be all honored and awarded for that is just the cherry on top for me.”

Chronicle Opinion Section Editor Julian Andreone ’22  said he felt grateful to be a part of HWTV because of the program’s accomplishments.

“I’m honored to be a part of a publication that can be honored at the highest level and that works hard to receive awards,” Andreone said.