Departing Teacher: Shannon Acedo

Allegra Drago

After working in the upper school library for 14 years, Head Upper School Librarian Shannon Acedo will retire and devote her time to traveling and the outdoors.

During her time at the school, Acedo took part in multiple school groups and events. She said she enjoyed teaching new stitching patterns in the Embroidery Club and helping students discover new books and authors.

“My favorite part of the library is either the view from the top of the Seaver side stairs where I can look down and see all the different groups of students spread out around the library, working or chatting or just relaxing,” Acedo said. “[I enjoyed] seeing how students loved the ‘hideaway’ spot underneath the stairs where they could chill with friends on the beanbag chairs.”

Lily Saada ’22 said Acedo never failed to help students with research projects.

“Ms. Acedo helped me find multiple sources in the library and guided me through the process of finding the books,” Saada said. “She was super friendly and helpful with her guidance.”

In retirement, Acedo said she will build on her passion of reading but that she will also garden, birdwatch and travel to places including North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Scotland and England. She has climbed the San Gabriel Valley Mountains, or as she calls them, “her mountains,” and spent time outdoors on school-sponsored trips.

“Some of my most memorable experiences have been sharing my love of the outdoors helping chaperone student trips to Death Valley and sharing stories under the stars on the trip,” Acedo said.

Fellow Upper School Librarian Edith Darling said that Acedo pioneered new activities for the library and that the two of them bonded over musicals and books.

“I won’t forget her satisfaction when she created the all-night ‘Moby Dick’ reading with Dr. Berezin and Dr. Mamagonian,” Darling said. “She helped make the library into a magical, nautical world and stayed for the entire marathon session of reading Melville’s book.