Summer staff playlist


Think About Things – Daoi Freyr

“A super fun jazzy song that gives me great car ride vibes for when the sun is blazing down on the PCH.”

– Kate Burry ’22

Monster – Lady Gaga

“The song I listen to at midnight as I drive way too fast with my sister.”

– Sophia Musante ’22

The Adults are Talking – The Strokes

“This is such a chill and upbeat song! It’s perfect for a beach day or ice cream run.”

– Sydney Fener ’22


“It’s funky, it’s one of the best modern rock albums. I love my female bands. #ListentoHaim.”

– Alec Rosenthal ’22

Gimme More – Britney Spears(Glee Cast Version)

“The glee cast version really does it for me because I think Britney 2.0 from glee has a better voice.”

– Quincey Dern ’22

Jackie Onassis – Sammy Rae and Friends

“It is great vibes and I love the chorus.”

– Justin Goldstein ’22

Bad Girls – MIA

“[It] gives me life. It is the perfect driving song. It makes me feel like a bad b*tch.”

– Milla Ben-Ezra ’22

Come Through and Chill – Miguel ft. J. Cole and Salam Remi

“Every single verse on this song is incredible. It’s five minutes and 22 seconds of perfection.”

– Ava Fattahi ’22

3005 – Childish Gambino

“The ultimate summer bop, it’s timeless. You can listen to it until 3005.”

– Mia Feizbakhsh ’22

Country Girl – Luke 


“It really puts me in a happy mood and is overall a fire song.”

– Maxine Zuriff  ’22

Heat Waves – Glass Animals

“Such good vibes to drive down Mulholland with my sunroof and windows down.”

– Sandra Koretz ’22

Whole Lotta Money 

– BIA ft. Nicki Minaj

“Often I’ll be home rather than having summer adventures, but this song really helps me feel like a bad gal.”

– Fallon Dern ’23