School holds dodgeball tournament


Lucas Cohen-d'Arbeloff/Chronicle

Students face off in a dodgeball match during Community Flex Time in Taper Gymnasium.

Chloe Park and Natasha Speiss

Prefect Council announced the middle school dodgeball tournament will come to the Upper School in an email Oct. 5. The tournament will have two rounds, with games held during Community Flex Time and lunch Oct. 11 and Oct. 22.

Teams will consist of eight players, with a maximum of one faculty member on each team. 

Sophomore Prefect Dillon Ring ’24 said he feels the dodgeball tournament will be a great opportunity to celebrate the school community. 

“A dodgeball tournament is such a fun activity that incites school spirit and is great for getting students and teachers involved,” Ring said. “The dodgeball tournament is an awesome way to celebrate our school’s amazing community and how we can make the best use of that through fun new events.”

Lena Bagley ’22 said she is thrilled to participate in the dodgeball tournament. 

“I entered the tournament once in seventh grade, but my team got eliminated in the first round,” Bagley said. “When I saw the email [about the tournament], I was in the locker room with my [water polo] teammates and just got really excited about the idea of us all playing together. I think the games will be a little more exciting [than those at the middle school] — hopefully with more spectators.”

Thea Pine ’23 said she is interested to see how the nature of the tournament changes at the upper school.

“I think the upper school dodgeball tournament will be a bit more intense compared to the middle school tournament now that everyone has gotten a lot older and stronger,” Pine said.

Fernanda Herrera ’23 said although she is not participating, she thinks she will have fun being a spectator to the event.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing my friends and peers compete,” Herrera said. “I think the tournament always brings  a large sense of community to students and I can’t wait to see how people bond over this fun game.”

Annabelle Mass ’24 said although she is not participating in the tournament, she predicts a high participation turnout for the event.

“Personally, I have never participated in dodgeball, but I know of a lot of friends who have and miss it at the upper school,” Mass said. “In the middle school, students would get really competitive about it and it was overall a super fun event for everyone, even if you weren’t participating. So a lot of my friends and I were very sad when we found out it wasn’t going to happen at the upper school. Now, I’m so glad Prefect Council is bringing it back because I think it will be pretty popular and be a really great way to get the community involved this fall.”