Second no-hitter propels softball team in defense of league title

As the softball team continues its quest for a second straight Mission League title, pitcher Chloe Pendergast ’13 threw her second no-hitter of the season during a 15-0 win against Louisville on April 18.

Pendergast’s first no-hitter of the season came on Feb. 26 against Immaculate Heart.

“In the first game I wasn’t aware that I was throwing a no-hitter until after the game,” Pendergast said. “I was more relaxed that game. But, I felt more confident in this game compared to last one.

“I was aware that I was throwing a no-hitter and was focused on finishing strong. I wouldn’t say I was nervous, but I was more cautious and careful,” Pendergast said.

Pendergast’s teammates are also appreciative of the performances that she has displayed this season.

“Chloe is an awesome player and teammate,” Maddie Kaplan ’14 said. “She did a great job pitching in the game against Louisville because she was able to maintain a high level of intensity on the mound the entire game. Chloe is a really hard worker and a great example to the rest of the team.”

“Our pitching rotation is very strong, and this comes from the support we have from the offense and defense backing us up,” Pendergast said. “Being confident in my team puts less strain on my pitching.”

“She has definitely stepped up in some big moments, but there are eight other players on the field helping her win the way she does,” Tate Castro ’13 said.  “Softball is a team sport, and without even one player, nobody can be successful.”

The season has not been a totally smooth ride for the team.

The squad hit a slight bump in the game before Pendergast’s no-hitter, in a 2-1 loss against Chaminade.

Kaplan won all four of her first decisions on the mound  this year, but she lost her first game of the season in the low scoring pitching duel against Chaminade.

“The game against Chaminade was a really tough loss,” Kaplan said. “We had a lot of opportunities, but we just couldn’t finish. In practice we’ve been working on a little bit of everything; hitting, fielding, throwing, etc. We feel confident going into our game against Alemany next Tuesday.”

After the loss, the members of the team showed the great chemistry they have together by rebounding in a big win over Louisville.

“We’ve also had games where we’ve been able to score a lot, but we need to be more consistent from game to game,” Ashley Wu ’13 said. “We are definitely a super close team and always support each other, which has affected our team spirit on the field as well.”

Jessica Johnston ’14 has 21 hits and 10 RBIs this season and has been overlooking the team in centerfield.

“I think our success is due to how well we communicate and are bonded as a team,” Johnston said.

Through all ups and downs, the softball team is still set on one thing: winning the league championship.

“We’re playing really well right now, we just have to continue to come together as a team,” Johnston said. “We have some tough competition in league this year, but I think our main goal right now is to win league.”