Prefect Council hosts Spikeball


Will Sherwood/Chronicle

Students gather around to play Spikeball on the Ted Slavin Field, as part of Prefect Council’s tournament.

Tate Sheehy

Prefect Council organized the school’s second-ever Spikeball Tournament on Ted Slavin Field during Community Flex Time Thursday. As a new initiative for community building, Prefect Council introduced optional school-wide tournaments this year. Hunter Griswold ’22 and Collin Assil ’22—team “Hyper Carry”—championed the competition.

“Dynamic Duo” captain Josh Engleberg ’24 said he relished winning the first round of the tournament against friends of his.

“I enjoyed winning our first round against close friends of mine,” Engleberg said. “It was a good competition and we came out on top.”

Engelberg said he looks forward to partaking in future competitions of this nature.

“I absolutely do plan on doing more of these [tournaments],” Engelberg said. “I think it’s very fun and I look forward to the next one.”

Sophomore Prefect Nyla Shelton ’24 said the positive attendance at Prefect Council’s events are encouraging future tournaments.

“We have already hosted many tournaments previously, and have had great turnouts thus far,” Shelton said. “Prefect Council is already planning an upcoming Dodgeball Tournament during the Community Flex Time on Feb. 15. We look forward to continuing to host these fun tournaments and helping improve students’ school spirits through some healthy competition.”

Shelton said she enjoys seeing students bonding, especially after spending much of the previous few years learning virtually.

“A big goal for Prefect Council this year, especially after being on Zoom for so long, has been to create and cultivate opportunities for students to truly enjoy the [school] community and everyone in it,” Shelton said. “My favorite part of the tournament was the very beginning when all the spectators and participating teams gathered to kick off the first round. Seeing all of the students gather together on the field is very exciting.”

Connor Bunnak ’24, who previously participated in Prefect Council-hosted tournaments, said he appreciates being able to engage in activities with people competitively.

“I enjoy the competitive environment around the competitions,” Bunnak said. “Whether I’m playing against friends or people I don’t know, it’s fun to compete and have bragging rights”

Bunnak said he views Spikeball as a good opportunity to bring unacquainted people together.

“This event helps bring the community together by hosting competitive games of Spikeball between kids who have never seen each other before,” Bunnak said.