Students receive awards in visual arts and writing


Printed with permission of Julia Im

“The Leap of Motherhood,” an acrylic painting by Julia Im ’23, received a Gold Key in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards competition. Im is one of 35 art award recipients from the school.

Grant Park

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards announced the 2021-2022 regional competition winners Jan. 28. With 17 honorees in the writing category and 35 honorees in the art category, 52 total students from the school were named as Gold Key, Silver Key or Honorable Mention recipients. Winners of the Regional Gold Key will move on to compete for the National Gold Key Award.

Established in 1923, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are the longest-running art and writing recognition program for students in grades 7-12.

Bel Kriger ’23, who won the Gold Key award in the sculpture category, said she faced challenges while working on her project and appreciates the recognition she received for creating a life-size tiger head.

“I created a very meticulous plan of how to create my sculpture by doing a lot of research and preparation prior to ever receiving my piece of wood in order to get the perfect calculations for proportions of the head without using more or less of the wood given to me,” Kriger said. “It was challenging to see [if ] the progression was any good until the final product was completely finished. Now that it’s done I am so proud of what I did and all the hours I devoted to working on it. My motivation for making this tiger head was to portray the strength and power of women, and I ended up titling it ‘Queen of the Jungle.’”

Julia Im ’23, who won the Gold Key in painting for her work titled “The Leap of Motherhood,” said the process of painting her piece was a meaningful experience.

“These projects were not made only for the competition but something that allowed me to share pieces that I already worked on,” Im said. “The human species has unique interpersonal connections, specifically a deeper attachment between a parent and child. The valuable objects inside an invaluable marble are designed to make the reader question why these human relationships mean as much as they do to us.”

Visual Arts Department Head Joe Medina said he focuses on developing students’ connection to their artwork while preparing them for competitions, and inspiring them to find their passions.

“We strive to introduce fresh project ideas and artists that inspire,” Medina said. “We encourage students to be authentic and dig deep. I tell visual art students [that] comparing or competing against each other is one of the worst things they can do, but if they want to compete, I tell them to make work that has visual impact and intention. Make something that speaks to who they are.”

See below for the complete list of high school Scholastic Award recipients from the school:


  1. Kriste An ’24: Honorable Mention, Journalism 
  2. Iris Chen ’23: Silver Key, Critical Essay
  3. Nicole Choen ’24: Honorable Mention, Critical Essay
  4. Kieran Chung ’23: Honorable Mention in Flash Fiction, Honorable Mention in Poetry, Honorable Mention in Short Story
  5. Lucas Cohen D’Arbeloff ’23: Silver Key in Poetry,  Silver Key in Dramatic Script, Silver Key in Critical Essay, Silver Key in Journalism
  6. Daphne Davies ’23: Silver Key in Short Story, Honorable Mention in Dramatic Script, Silver Key in Humor
  7. Dylan Graff ’24: Two Honorable Mentions, Journalism
  8. Jade Harris ’24: Gold Key, Poetry
  9. Juliet Katz ’23: Honorable Mention in Poetry, Gold Key in Poetry
  10. Jamie Kim-Worthington ’22: Honorable Mention in Poetry, Gold Key in Poetry
  11. Grace Kosten ’22: Honorable Mention, Critical Essay
  12. Nilufer Mistry Sheasby ’24: Silver Key, Personal Essay & Memoir
  13. Aiko Offner ’23: Gold Key in Poetry, two Honorable Mentions in Poetry, Honorable Mention in Critical Essay, Honorable Mention in Personal Essay & Memoir, Honorable Mention in Poetry, two Silver Keys in Poetry
  14. Chloe Park ’24: Silver Key in Poetry, two Honorable Mentions in Poetry
  15. Averie Perrin ’24: Gold Key, Poetry
  16. Olivia Sparks ’22: Honorable Mention, Poetry
  17. Isabella Welsh ’22: Gold Key in Personal Essay & Memoir, Honorable Mention in Critical Essay


  1. Alexandra Ba ’23: Two Honorable Mentions, Painting
  2. Kaitlin Caras ‘23: Silver Key, Painting
  3. Catherine Cho ’23: Two Silver Keys, Photography
  4. Chloe Cho ’23: Gold Key, Ceramics and Glass
  5. Julia Coffey ’22: Gold Key, Painting
  6. Edie Cohen ’24: Honorable Mention, Painting
  7. Lola Cortez’ 22: Honorable Mention, Painting
  8. Alexa Druyanoff ‘22, Honorable Mention in Painting, Gold Key in Drawing & Illustration, Honorable Mention in Digital Art, Honorable Mention in Drawing & Illustration
  9. Aerin Duke ’23: Three Silver Keys, Painting
  10. Haruka Endo ’24: Gold Key in Photography, Gold Key in Mixed Media
  11. Adison Gamradt ’23: Silver Key, Painting
  12. Jo Grody ’22: Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass
  13.  Hailey Hubbard ’22: Silver Key, Architecture & Industrial Design
  14. Julia Im ’23: Two Silver Keys in Painting, Gold Key in Painting
  15. Billy Johnson ’22: Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass
  16. Ian Kim’24: Gold Key in Photography, Silver Key in Photography
  17. Bel Kriger ’23: Gold Key, Sculpture
  18. Sadye Lackman ’22: Gold Key, Painting
  19. Mina Lavapies ’24: Silver Key in Photography, Gold Key in Photography
  20. Nicole Lee ’23: Silver Key, Mixed Media 
  21. Cherry Li ’22: Gold Key, Painting
  22. Gemma Lippman ’22: Silver Key, Painting
  23. Grace Ma ’22: Gold Key in Painting, Silver Key in Printmaking, Gold Key in Sculpture
  24. Andrew Park ’23: Three Honorable Mentions in Mixed Media, Gold Key in Mixed Media
  25. Victoria Peng ’23: Gold Key in Printmaking, Gold Key in Mixed Media, Honorable Mention in Painting, Silver Key in Printmaking
  26. Bronwen Roosa ’22: Honorable Mention, Painting 
  27. Zoe Shapiro’ 23: Honorable Mention, Ceramics and Glass
  28. Nicole Shkurovich ’23: Honorable Mention, Painting 
  29. Ava Tran ’22: Honorable Mention in Drawing & Illustration, Honorable Mention in Digital Art
  30. Chiara Umekubo ’23: Honorable Mention, Digital Art
  31. Ryan Wang ’23: Honorable Mention, Architecture & Industrial Design
  32. Tiffany Wang ’25: Silver Key, Mixed Media
  33. Claire Wu ’24: Honorable Mention, Photography
  34. John Zhang ’24: Two Gold Keys, Drawing & Illustration
  35. Jade Zoller ’22: Honorable Mention, Ceramics & Glass