Empower Club sells Dippin’ Dots


Lucas Cohen-d'Arbeloff/Chronicle

Members of Empower Club assist participants in their fundraiser for Women’s History Month as they fill out forms.

Chloe Park

Empower Club sold Dippin’ Dots to raise money for the National Women’s Law Center in honor of Women’s History Month on Tuesday. The Dippin’ Dots were sold to students from break until the end of lunch on the Quad.

Empower Co-leader Shoshie Bernstein ’22 said the goal of selling Dippin’ Dots was not only for students to enjoy a treat but also to bring awareness to Women’s History Month.

“We wanted to do a fundraiser to honor and celebrate Women’s History Month as well as raise funds for an important cause,” Bernstein said. “[Empower Co-leader Leila Pagel ’22] suggested Dippin’ Dots because she knew it was a fun treat that students love. Acquiring Dippin’ Dots required a lot of logistical planning, but we are so excited that it worked out. We hope to raise money for the Women’s Law Center, celebrate Women’s History Month and bring joy to [the school].”

Pagel said selling Dippin’ Dots is one of the club’s many planned activities honoring Women’s History Month.

“Empower wanted to do as many things as possible to celebrate Women’s History Month and raise awareness, so we decided to do a fundraiser as part of our activities for the month,” Pagel said. “We chose Dippin’ Dots because we know how much people love them at [the school] and because we knew it was going to be hot, and we wanted to raise as much money as we could for the National Women’s Law Center while also hosting a fun event.”

Sarah Brown ’24 said she liked the Dippin’ Dots and was happy to participate in the event to support Empower.

“I really enjoyed the Dippin’ Dots [that] Empower sold and am glad that the money is going towards a great cause,” Brown said. “It was also inspiring to see the number of people lining up to buy Dippin’ Dots and bringing awareness to Women’s History Month.”