Mock Trial team competes at Los Angeles County Mock Trial Competition

Olivia Phillips

The school’s Mock Trial prosecution team participated in the first round of Los Angeles County Mock Trial Competition on Nov. 3 and the defense participated in their first Mock Trial round Nov. 9. Mock trial practices began in September, and the teams met three times a week to prepare for the competition.

Pre-Trial Attorney Luke Madden ’24 said Mock Trial helps him develop public speaking skills.

“Mock Trial is almost exclusively rated on performance like how collected you are, how calm you’re able to be and how you’re able to respond to objections like judge inquiries,” Madden said. “Being able to speak slowly and clearly is stuff that I really struggle with, especially in regular debate. Mock Trial helps [me] practice those skills and also gives me an outlet to explore one of my interests.”

Mock Trial Co-Captain Kameron Rabizadeh ‘23 said he enjoys competing in Mock Trial because it has helped him develop his style of competition and debate.

“I love the arguing [throughout] the whole trial because it’s like a real trial,” Rabizadeh said. “You get to make arguments based on the case. You get to make objections and deliver speeches. It’s really fun.”

Clara Conrad ‘25, who played the role of a witness at the last competition, said Mock Trial has helped her expand her knowledge of the justice system

“I’ve really enjoyed [doing] Mock Trial this year, and I think it’s been really fun,” Conrad said. “I’ve learned a lot about constitutional law and the way courts work, which has been really educational. I’m planning on continuing Mock Trial during my junior and senior years.”

Mock Trial Co-Captain Nathalie Paniagua ‘23 said Mock Trial helps participants achieve a better understanding of the court system and is beneficial to those who are interested in pursuing a professional career in law.

“My favorite part [of mock trial] is really diving deep into the case and collaborating with my peers,” Paniagua said. “I want to become an attorney, maybe a judge one day, and I think I use Mock Trial as a conduit to do so. It really helps me see what it would be like to pursue this in the future.”