Photography I exhibits projects in Feldman-Horn Gallery

Scott Nussbaum

Pictures taken as part of the Photography I class are being displayed in the Feldman-Horn Gallery. Various projects completed throughout the year have been hung on the walls of the gallery and display different methods of photography used during the year.

Hand coloring, chromoskedasic, self-portraits, photograms, gelatin silver, pinhole, and photos taken at the Getty Museum are on display on the walls of the gallery. Each section of pictures showcases a different style or method of photography which was assigned in the Photography I classes.

“[The show] helps me reflect back and see all the different work I have done in the past year,” Photography I student Liane Capiral ’15 said. “It is also rewarding to see my work displayed in our school’s gallery for everyone to see.”

A reception was held during activities period on May 6 to celebrate the opening of the Photography I show.