Students sign up for clubs during Activities Fair


Lola Clark ’17 and Emma Wasserman ’16 give Michael Edwards ’16 information about their student organization Community Council, which helps students attain the required 12 hours of community service.

Sammi Handler

Students signed up for various clubs during the Activities Fair on the quad Monday. There were a total of 88 clubs, eight student organizations and two festivals represented at the fair, which was hosted by Prefect Council.

Prefect Council sold Krispy Kreme donuts for $1 to students learning about the clubs.

Clubs varied in type from community service, like Bridge to a Brighter Future, to activities, such as Girls Lacrosse and Stand-up Comedy Club, and student interest groups like the Christian Club and Democrats of HW.

Club members set up booths with posters and food to attract students to sign up and inform them about the club.

“I think it helps to get the word out about what we do,” Lola Clark ’17, a member of the Community Council, said.

The Community Council is a student organization that helps students set up community service events and complete the 12-hour service requirement.

Students part of the student interest group the La Femme Club took pictures of students during the fair holding up a white board that said why they are a feminist.

“We’re the feminist club of Harvard-Westlake,” club member Elizabeth Edel ’16 said. “Currently, we’re doing a ‘Humans of New York’ like project. Right now it’s just pictures with the white board, but we’re going to also do interviews later.”

Members of the Lades Appreciation Club, a new activities group, plan to spread enthusiasm about the Pacific Palisades and create a carpool system for students who need a ride to the Palisades and surrounding neighborhoods.

“For those who don’t live in the Palisades, we will be hosting various events throughout the school year, like a group hike up Temescal Canyon and a beach day among other activities so everyone can still be included,” club member Nick Witham ’17 said. “We ended up getting like 90 signatures or something around that so I definitely feel like the word of the club was spreading.”

In addition to the clubs and organizations, the HW Film Festival and the Wider than Sky Poetry Festival also had booths describing the events.