It’s her birthday and she’ll sing if she wants to

Jensen McRae ‘15 celebrated her 15th birthday with the release of her first official song and music video to YouTube on Sept. 10.

McRae said that she had always had a passion for singing. Even though she sings in the Harvard-Westlake community singers club at school, she said she wanted to express herself further. So, she released the original song, “Amazing,” in which she performs as the lead vocalist.

“I started working on my music seriously two years ago, it felt appropriate that the culmination of all that work be on a birthday,” McRae said.

A crush inspired McRae’s song. With lyrics like “you’re amazing” and “how could you be so blind?”  the song is a classic teenage love story, McRae said.

The song  was produced by West Wave sound, and features Nathan Otaño, a family friend, along with McRae.

She combined software instrumentals with guitar and piano, which were played by two of her producers.

“I felt like it was something a lot of people could relate to,” McRae said.

The video has 2,450 views on YouTube as of Oct. 8 and counting, and has been posted and shared on Facebook.

“[It] was one of the most fun things I have done because music is my life” McRae said.

McRae said that her biggest inspiration is singer Alicia Keys.

McRae started writing songs at seven and recorded her first at 12.

Despite the fact that she mostly sings R&B and alternative music, she is appreciative of a wider range of music, which is apparent in the rock guitar riffs used in her song.

“It feels amazing that everything I’ve been working so hard on has finally culminated into this video,” McRae said.

McRae is just beginning her music career, and two more songs are already in the works.

For her next tracks, she is working with charitable organizations, and these next songs will be about those particular causes.

McRae said that her father is great singer recreationally, and both her parents really enjoy music.

In fact,  her younger brother is a pianist and a singer as well.

Surrounded by all this musical energy, McRae said it was difficult for her not to gravitate in a musical direction.

“Being a singer is something I’ve always wanted to do,” she said. “I think this music video is the perfect first step.”