Art classes display ‘best work of the year’

Jacob Goodman

The Senior Art show was scheduled to take place in the Feldman-Horn gallery on Tuesday, May 28, exhibiting all the senior artists’ works from glass to painting.

The show comprising what seniors individually dub their “best work,” includes pieces from students’ sophomore, junior and senior years.

The gallery exhibited seniors’ works from a multitude of glass, sculpture, drawing, painting, photography and video classes.

Patric Verrone ’13 was set to exhibit “Great,” his film from Video Art III, which is a modern rendition of “The Great Gatsby.” He also made a rendition of “The Little Mermaid” this year.

“[The art show is] all about validity and goodbyes and

endings,” Verrone said.

The show featured a reception and a showing of all the seniors’ videos in Feldman Horn Gallery.

Afterwards, ceramics teacher John Lubetow’s glass installation, a tribute to President Thomas Hudnut who is leaving the school after 26 years, was unveiled.

The night culminated with a concert by solo vocalists from the senior class.

Michelle Chang ’13 feels sentimental because this is the last time her art will be shown in Feldman-Horn Gallery.

“The art room is like my second home,” Chang said. “Moving on is bittersweet.”

Savannah de Montesqui ’13  echoes Chang’s seniment.

“This last show is a meaningful one,” de Montesqui said.