Lounge to feature computers, printers

Aaron Lyons

Two desktop computers and two printers will be installed in the student lounge to compensate for the loss of computers in Chalmers when last year’s temporary “Mini Mudd” library was dismantled. Prefect Council suggested the addition to make computers more accessible to students.

The computers and printers will be ordered sometime soon, Director of Campus Operations J.D. De Matte said. De Matte will also set the computers and printers up when they arrive.

Head Prefect Michael Wagmeister ’13 said the initiative will allow students easier computer access throughout the school day.

Upper School Dean Sharon Cuseo brought the Prefect Council’s proposal to a dean meeting and, with approval from the other deans, Prefect Council began implementing the plan.

Wagmeister said students have gotten used to having computers in Chalmers. Because students generally spend most of their time in the lower part of campus, computers there are a convenience, he said.

Upper School Dean Coordinators Camille da Santos and Ryan Wilson will supervise the computer operations in the case of a malfunction or in case supplies need to be replaced.