Alumna releases novel, ‘Georgetown Academy’

Nikta Mansouri

Jessica Koosed Etting ’98 released parts one and two of her interactive novel, “Georgetown Academy” last week with digital publisher Coliloquy.
The e-book can be read from the perspectives of the four main characters and readers can switch between perspectives throughout the story.
“Instead of it being just one girl’s story, we really wanted to get inside the brains of four different girls to give it even more texture and flavor,” she said. “Characters are always my favorite thing to delve into.”
Etting began writing television shows after college. She has sold seven shows, none of which have aired.
She co-wrote this book with USC classmate and friend Alyssa Schwartz. This is their first novel.
“We had this idea and we thought, rather than sell it as a television show or movie, why don’t we try to write it as a book instead,” Etting said.
The story revolves around a high school for children of politicians, lobbyists, political journalists and other people. It’s like “Gossip Girl meets West Wing,” she said.
Etting wrote for the Chronicle and took her first creative writing class with English Department Head Larry Weber. She attributes her enthusiasm for writing to performing arts teacher Ted Walch, after whom she named a teacher in her book.
“What was so great about [Walch] was that even if he was teaching you film or drama, you’re still learning a lot about things other than the art of drama, like creativity and really figuring yourself out,” she said. “I wanted to pay a tribute to him.”