Head Fanatics Visit Middle School

Sophie Kupiec-Weglinski


Head Fanatics sold 150 Fanatics shirts and tank tops on Dec. 12 at the Middle School. Michael Hart, Corey King, Henry Neale, and Justin Berman, heads of the Fanatics, a club that promotes school spirit by leading cheers in sporting events, arrived during activities period.

This was the first time that Fanatics visited the Middle School to sell the black tank tops and red shirts. The tank tops graced “Shut up and Cheer” while the red T-shirts had School President Tom Hudnut on the back saying, “We like sportz and we don’t care who knowz.” Students paid $15 with their ID cards for the spirited apparel.

Hart, King, Neale, and Berman assembled in the Horns Commons, a place where middle school students usually socialize and eat lunch. All four of them came up with the idea for the Middle School to be able to buy merchandise that was previously only available to Upper School students.

“I think the middle school students were excited to get involved with the Fanatics, something that is traditionally an exclusively upper school organization,” said Hart.

“I think that being a part of the Fanatics is being part of our robust school spirit. That should extend to any grade and any sport. Selling T-shirts is a great way to identify yourself as belonging to a group and what better group to be a part of than one that is proud of its school and supportive of its peers,” Head of Middle School Jon Wimbish said.

“We have had middle school fanatic groups at times throughout the years. I haven’t heard of one for the middle school this year, but such a group would have my full support. All of our athletes could benefit from having their friends and classmates come out to support them,” Wimbish said.