Chinese instructors observe AP curriculum

Michael Rothberg

Teachers from The High School Affiliated to Fudan University and The Beijing Number 12 High School visited Harvard-Westlake to observe various departments’ AP curricula and teaching styles.

The visitors sat in on classes and met with faculty and department chairs to learn about ways to teach AP courses, Head of Upper School Audrius Barzdukas said.

The teachers from the High School Affiliated to Fudan University gave Harvard-Westlake a Chinese New Year decoration, currently on display in Seaver, as a gift before leaving.

“I think if they came away with one thing from their visit, I think they came away with the sense that school, and our school in particular, is much more than about just delivering content,” Barzdukas said. “You can go to a bookstore and buy the AP content, but [we are] imbuing that content into a culture of inquiry, a culture of learning, a culture of enthusiasm. I think they are trying to puzzle through how to make all that happen.”

In addition, the administration is discussing a plan to send Harvard-Westlake students to a conference during the summer to “meet students from Chinese schools and from other schools around the world to talk about how to build relationships and strengthen cooperation between the East and the West,” Barzdukas said.