22 students qualify for competition in national math and science contests

Jessica Spitz

Six students who took the F=ma physics exam qualified as semifinalists for the 2013 United States Physics Team.

Aaron Anderson ’14, Charlie Andrews ’13, Jonathan Iskandar ’13, Leila Thomas ’13, Kevin Zhang ’14 and Larry Zhang ’14 all scored 12.25 or higher out of 25 on the test, which consists entirely of multiple-choice questions and focuses mainly on mechanics.

About 400 students nationwide scored high enough to take the semifinal exam and will take this second test sometime in March, according to the U.S. Physics Team website. Selected finalists will compete in the International Physics Olympiad in Copenhagen, Denmark this July.

“The mission of the U.S. Physics Team Program is to promote and demonstrate academic excellence through preparation for and participation in the International Physics Olympiad,” reads a statement on the team website.

Underclassman took the American Mathematics Competition 10 and juniors and seniors took the AMC 12. The top 2.5 percent and 5 percent respectively were selected to take the AIME.

Anderson, Garrett Cayton ’14, Vincent Huang ’14, Michelle Lee ’14, William Lee ’14, Benjamin Most ’16, Aaron Shih ’15, Eden Weizman ’13, Mane Williams ’14, Hang Yang ’14, Michael Zaks ’13, Kevin and Larry Zhang will all take the AIME on March 14.

If they qualify, they will have the opportunity to take the United States of America Mathematical Olympiad or the United States of America Junior Mathematical Olympiad. Both tests take place for four and half hours over two days with three problems per day.

Students who qualify will be invited to the Mathematical Olympiad Summer program, which prepares them for the International Mathematical Olympiad.

The top five or six students in this program will continue on to the IMO, which will take place in Santa Marta, Colombia this July.

The Open Exam results for the USA Biology Olympiad were also released, and four students qualified as semifinalists. Thomas Choi ’14, Donhem Brown ’14, Kenneth Kim ’13 and David Lim ’13 scored in the top 10 percent nationwide and will be taking the USABO Semifinal Exam.

The top 20 scorers will take the USABO National Finals at Purdue University in Indiana, which consists of 10 days of instruction and two days of testing. This July, these students will participate in the International Biology Olympiad in Bern, Switzerland.