Costantino ’99 to attend grad school at Stanford

Jensen McRae

Middle school dance teacher Carrie Green Costantino ’99 is leaving at the end of this school year to attend Stanford University’s School of Education. She plans to study Policy, Organization and Leadership Studies.

“Going to graduate school has been a dream of mine for some time, but I only really got serious about applying to a full-time graduate program this year,” Costantino said. “I also think I understand the Harvard-Westlake culture, and that has helped me to connect with my students in deep and meaningful ways.”

Costantino said that her fondest memories of being a student at Harvard-Westlake were her “insane crush on Jake Gyllenhaal and finding my love of dance.”

“Being an alum has helped me to really understand what the students are going through,” Costantino said.

During her time at Harvard-Westlake, Costantino has taught Contemporary Dance Workshop I, Contemporary Dance Workshop II and Dance Production.