Gragg to offer German language, culture class

Sarah Novicoff

The Foreign Language Department will begin offering a yearlong Directed Study in German next year.

The class will be taught by Technology Center Director and math teacher Chris Gragg, who holds a master’s degree in German from the University of Southern California and graduated from Frankfurt High School in Germany.

Gragg also taught German for a year as part of the University of Maryland program for American military personnel stationed in Germany.

William Ruppenthal ’16 approached Foreign Language Department Head Margot Riemer this spring about a Directed Study in German. Riemer asked Gragg to teach the class, and after his acceptance they opened the class to the student body.

The curriculum will be primarily based on the Foreign Service Institute Language Program although Gragg plans to adapt the curriculum slightly to fit a twice-a-week class.

“I’m going to incorporate some video and cultural stuff as well,” Gragg said. “The students need to learn a little bit about Germany and not just the language.”

The class will not complete a student’s foreign language requirement and will meet only twice a cycle for half-credit.

“I am excited about people being able to learn what they want to learn, to make opportunities available for those who are really interested,” Gragg said. “If people are really interested in knowing some German or going to Germany to visit, I’ll help.”