$900 worth of sundaes benefit Girl Up

Ice cream sundaes were sold in the quad Monday to support of Girl Up, a United Nations organization dedicated to providing girls in developing countries basic necessities such as education and healthcare.

Each sundae was sold for $5, and the fundraiser raised approximately $900 in total.

“I am really pleased with how this year’s fundraiser turned out. With the help of my friends, the cafeteria staff and my sponsor [science teacher Narae] Park, the event raised even more money than it did last year and will help even more girls obtain an education and health care,” said organizer Sarah Novicoff ’14.

Novicoff has raised money for Girl Up at school every year since ninth grade. After she read an article about the organization, Novicoff organized her first event at the middle school with the help of science teacher Tara Eitner and Middle School Attendance Coordinator Brenda Simon.

“I love Girl Up because it helps girls get an education, it helps provide girls with every day supplies, and it helps girls with health issues,” Simon said.

Every year since, Novicoff has coordinated the fundraiser on both campuses. In the past two years combined, the Girl Up fundraiser has raised nearly $4,000 through the sales of ice cream sundaes.

“Girl Up is an amazing cause, one that benefits those who are often overlooked but still deserve the same opportunities that I have been privileged to have,” Novicoff said.