STEMfest features Tesla demo, waffles, games

Nikta Mansouri

A Tesla drove into the quad today as a demonstration of hydroelectric engineering at the annual “STEMfest” during break. Students from various clubs and classes set up 38 tables and 60 events around the quad and in the lounge to display class assignments and projects they had undertaken.

This is the fifth installment of the showing of projects involving science, technology, engineering and math around school. The quad and Chalmers were packed with students going table to table, learning about different projects worked on by other students, playing games and often eating prize cupcakes.

“The huge, huge emphasis on the interest in building computers, using code to create art, students working with the results of the HW Sports Science research, student created videos, statistics to make decisions about sports [made this year different],” STEMfest coordinator and Math Department Head Paula Evans said.

The aroma of fresh waffles lingered in Chalmers as Molecular Gastronomy students Nick Nathanson ’13 and Byron Lazaroff-Puck ’13 made them using liquid nitrogen to crystalize eggs and heavy cream and thicken the ice cream base.

Rap and pop music filled the quad while tables such as “math in popular music,” “artists who code,” and a game of roulette were set up to show how science effects everyday life.

Alumni also presented in the fest. Tess Hatch ’11 talked about engineering in college and Melissa Gottlieb (owner of Skinny Batches Baker) brought samples of healthy baked goods, demonstrating molecular gastronomy. These samples will also be available during finals as care packages, Evans said.

HW Works also operated a table on the quad offering students internships in the STEM fields, but also gave students the opportunity to write their name and internship field of interest, in case there is one available to them.

Due to the success of the first SciBowl match in October, a second game between students and teachers was scheduled but was canceled because many of the math and science teachers were involved in other STEM festivities.

“I played with LEGO and sat in a Tesla and played the guitar and learned about infinity,” Ethan Weinstein ’15 said. “I want every day to be STEMfest.”