Librarian writes book on e-books

Lizzy Thomas

Head librarian Shannon Acedo’s first book is slated for publication sometime this fall by the American Association of School Libraries.

Her book, entitled “E-books in School Libraries: A Handbook for School Librarians,” will be available in both print and e-book form.

Acedo began the roughly 269-page, 16 chapter book about a year ago, after she and co-author Cathy Leverkus submitted an application to present on schools’ use of e-books at the American Library Association’s annual conference.

Their proposal was not only accepted, but the ALA’s publications department also asked the two if they’d be interested in writing a book on the topic.

“We said, ‘how hard could it be?’” Acedo said. “So we decided to do it.”

Acedo and Leverkus, a librarian at the Willows School in Culver City whom Acedo knew from the Independent School Library Exchange, got to work, meeting after school and on weekends.

The two had to manually create the book’s index and appendix.

“That was perhaps the hardest part of the process,” Acedo said.

To stay organized, Acedo and her co-author started with a preliminary outline.

“And then you fill in the outline, so that every chapter’s got a zillion bullet points,” Acedo said.

Because of the constantly changing nature of e-books, Acedo said she and Leverkus will likely update another edition of the book’s e-book form within the next few months.