Huybrechts to launch global education site

Noa Yadidi

Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts plans to launch a global education website in the next six weeks to promote and encourage global connections for students and teachers.

The website will be linked to the Harvard-Westlake  website and will be composed of stories and pictures of students and teachers who take part in different global education initiatives like the yearly Gunter-Gross fellowships and the teacher exchange with Eton College two years ago.

Huybrechts said she also hopes the website will be aspirational and foster new ideas for global education.

“If ever there was a 21st century skill it is recognizing that we are a global economy, that we are connected and that probably many of our students will some day work in another country and preparing our students for that world,” she said.

The website will also provide more information about activities that students in classes like foreign language and the new world religions course can participate in to connect them to others around the world.

“I can always count on teachers and kids here to give us new ideas because we’re always looking for the next great idea in this area,” Huybrechts said.