JCL to compete in Irvine during Spring Break

Jonathan Seymour

Twenty-nine students from the upper and middle school Junior Classical Leagues will compete at the California Junior Classical League Convention at University High School in Irvine during Spring Break. 

“The CJCL convention is the marquee event of the year for the Latin program and [it] allows [middle school] and [upper school] students both to interact with each other and to meet students from other schools interested in Latin and Classical culture,” Latin teacher Moss Pike explained.

The trip will be led by Latin teachers Derek Wilairat, Paul Chenier, Pike, and Mercedes Barletta. Approximately 1,500 competitors representing 50 schools in California will attend the convention.

At the convention, the students will compete in Certamen, which is a quiz bowl-style team trivia game, rhetorical (speaking) competitions, athletic competitions such as basketball and dodge ball, dramatic recitations, academic tests, and artistic competitions.

“The convention is a fun, memorable experience for our Latin students,” Wilairat said. “They meet students from other California schools and participate in friendly competitions which draw upon their studies in Latin and the Classics.”