World Language Department inducts students into Honor Society

Scott Nussbaum

Sinclair Cook ’14, Claire Goldsmith ’14, Julia Aizuss ’14 and Kennedy Green ’14 received Outstanding Senior Awards in Chinese, French, Latin, and Spanish respectively at the World Language Department Honor Society ceremony. In addition, selected upper school students were inducted into the society on May 20.

Students who have taken advanced language classes and shown their ability through classwork were chosen by their teachers to be inducted at the ceremony.

Students in each of the four languages recited pledges in their language as part of the ceremony.

Additionally, students were given certificates of their achievements by their teachers.

“Learning other languages is more than just practical,” world language department head Margot Riemer said. “Learning other languages makes us better at being humans. Citizens who are fluent in more than one language can advocate more effectively for a more just society and can participate more in worldwide conversations such as climate change, global health, resources and migration.”

Four students also sang songs and recited literature for each of the languages before the Outstanding Senior Awards in each language were announced.

Performances included Aiyana White ’14 singing in French and Tom Thorne ’14 reciting the opening lines of Vergil’s “Aeneid” from memory and in correct meter.

To conclude the ceremony a “Message from the Future” was played in which middle school students taking classes in Chinese, French, Latin and Spanish gave advice to graduating seniors in their language of study.

The advice ranged from “Go, See, Conquer!” from a Latin class to “Don’t eat too many Ramen noodles” from a Spanish class.

A reception was held outside the Rugby Auditorium for students and their families following the ceremony.