Cafeteria worker thanks school for support during illness

Juliana Berger

A standing ovation for cafeteria worker and leukemia survivor Oscar Flores concluded the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays Assembly Oct. 1.

During the “On My Mind” portion of the assembly, members of the baseball team reminded the school of the fundraiser started by the squad and Community Council to raise money for Flores’ treatment after his diagnosis. The fundraiser was the most successful of its kind, baseball team member and Senior Prefect Matt Beyer ’15 said. Flores then appeared to thank those who contributed to his cause.

“You have given me bright days in darker times,” Flores said.

The seniors on the Student Athlete Advisory Council presented the athletes of the month for September, field hockey forward Maddie Oswald ’15 and football reserve quarterback Ryan Dominick ’17.
Nina Milligan ’16 asked students to volunteer with “Dare to Dream,” an organization inspired by Justin Carr ’14, who died in 2013 of cardiomyopathy. Students can work with children on Saturdays at Frank D. Parent school or donate art supplies for the participants to use.

A Chronicle recap video of spirit week and Homecoming festivities anchored by Jessica Spitz ’15 was screened. The video also mentioned the results of the homecoming games, with victories for field hockey, water polo and football.

The school’s first-ever Poetry Festival was announced for Oct. 25, where there will be an open mic, writing workshops and speakers. Senior Prefect Jensen McRae ’15 invited students to audition for the improv troupe “Scene Monkeys.” Kami Cooper ’17 and Maddy Harbert ’17 said that Ari Loeb, choreographer of “Spider-man, Light-Up the Dark” would be in the dance studio at 3:30 to speak and give lessons.