Fanatics distribute Rowdy Rags at games

Carina Marx

Fanatics distributed Rowdy Rags at the varsity basketball games against Notre Dame Jan. 7 and against Alemany Jan. 9.

“I came up with the idea when thinking about things we could do to enhance the fan experience,” Head Fanatic Matthew Glick ’15 said. “The rally towel seemed like a great idea because it’s interactive and creates a great game time environment.”

The red towels featured the school crest and were free to students attending that night’s game. They are intended to be reused and brought back to future games.

“We hope the rags inspire attendance,” Head Fanatic Mila Barzdukas ’15 said. “If they are successful, then we may make some more gear in the future.”

The name Rowdy Rag was inspired by the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Terrible Towels and this year’s Fanatics slogan, “Let’s Get Rowdy.” They were made with the profits from the Fanatics’ T-shirt sale in September. The Fanatics are now considering what else they can do to make soccer, basketball and water polo games spirited and to keep attendance high.

“[The Rowdy Rags] just make everyone excited and really pumped up to watch the game,” cheerleader Jackie Ayestas ’18 said.

Fanatics will continue distributing the towels throughout the season.