School offers measles vaccination to faculty

Aaron Lyons

Ten faculty members were vaccinated for measles at both the upper and middle school campuses March 11.

Following the measles outbreak last December that spread throughout the country after originating in Southern California, Harvard-Westlake offered a titers test for any faculty members who wanted to find out if they were immune.

Out of both the upper and middle school faculty, 110 faculty members took the titers test.

Each faculty member who took the test received their test results.

Between 10-15 percent of faculty members who took the titers test received a negative test result, meaning they are susceptible to contracting the measles disease.

The faculty who were not immune were then given the option to receive the measles vaccination on March 11.

All upper and middle school faculty members were offered the vaccine, whether they took the titers test or not.

Out of both campuses, 10 faculty members received the vaccination.

However the 10 members did not necessarily take the titers test, and could have taken the vaccination as a precaution.

Faculty members on both campuses thought that offering the titers test and measles vaccination was a great idea.

“Everyone who got [the titers test] was very appreciative that they got it and could make an informed decision,” said Nicole Ryan, Director of Health Benefits.