Students hold surprise wedding shower for science teacher

Jonathan Seymour

Students of chemistry teacher Nathan Cardin held a surprise wedding shower today for him and his fiancé Ben Procter in Feldman-Horn.

Shannyn Schack ’16 and Alex Arreola ’15 began organizing the event three weeks ago after they learned that Cardin and Procter weren’t planning to have a wedding shower of their own.

“We were like, ‘We should throw a bridal shower for him.’ At first, it was going to be a surprise,” Schack said. “But then we decided it would be more fun if Ben came too, so we had to tell him, and he was totally cool with it.”

Schack and Arreola desgined a custom banner and brought a custom cake, decorations, cookies and brownies.

“It was pretty fun,” Siddharth Kucheria ’16 said. “I liked it. I was one of the six kids present at Dr. Cardin’s shower representing his AP Chemistry class.”

Schack and Arreola also brought a large green LEGO block that every attendee signed for Cardin and Procter. This gift was inspired by Cardin’s desk in Munger Science Center, which is covered with LEGOs.

“I thought it turned out great,” Schack said. “Except for the cake-cutting part. People brought food, and people are really happy right now.”

When Cardin and Procter arrived, music began to play and students gathered around the pair to congratulate them. Cardin and Procter also cut the ceremonial first slice of cake together.

“I thought it was awesome,” Cardin said. “I thought it was just going to just be a couple students. We would have a chocolate brownie between us, but there were so many people, and I’m kind of overwhelmed actually.”