Club members pitch product idea at summit

Angela Chon

The NextGenVest club learned about marketing skills from two guest speakers at the Spring 2015 NGV Global Summit in downtown Los Angeles April 19.

NGV is a global organization that teaches young adults how to manage their money to be better prepared for the future.

The guest speakers included co-founder of Yang Ventures Vivy Chao and head creative and marketing at BuddyTruk, CJ Johnson.

“We grew to about 15 schools now, and there were around 50 people there,” NGV regional director Max Cho ’15 said. “What we did was get guest speakers to talk to us about how to market yourself as brands.”

Students separated into groups to develop their own products and presented their business pitches to the group.

The product with the most votes will be created by the NGV company.

The product pitch that won was a money box product created by Lauren Weetman ’16, Mei Mei Tercek ’16 and David Seo ’16.

The money box is a longterm subscription that helps students manage their money before, during and after college.

It provides information such as financial aid availability, housing options and credit score information.

“We had a lot of new members come, too, and they were really impressed by the guest speakers,” Cho said.

The organization elected Weetman one of two new Los Angeles regional directors.

“The conference was really good,” Weetman said. “It was very interactive as we were doing product pitches and product development, and I think it was a really good learning experience as to how NGV is run from the bottom up.”

Weetman is hoping to expand NGV to more public schools.

So far, only Beverly Hills High School and Granada Hills Charter High School are part of the NGV organization.

“I think it’s really important that it’s not just a private school thing,” Weetman said.