Smoothie samples receive mixed reviews

Liz Yount

Soupure, a sports health drink company, served samples of smoothies on the quad and sold smoothies in the cafeteria on May 11 to test whether the cafeteria should add them as a permanent item.

The smoothies, which they call soups, are organic, preservative free, gluten free, diary free, GMO free and do not contain added sugar. They are intended to replenish nutrients and electrolytes in depleted muscles during workout recovery, according to literature the company was handing out with samples.

Investment banker Angela Blatteis (Sabrina ’17 and Jacqlyn ’15) started the company when she wanted to provide healthy sports drink options for her daughters, Blatteis said.

Soupure served strawberry cashew, banana sesame and nuts & seeds as samples on the quad and sold bottles in the cafeteria. One bottle of nuts & seeds sold for $10, and strawberry cashew and banana sesame sold for $8. Blatteis brought 36 bottles for the cafeteria, and they all sold out in an hour and a half, she said. She also brought 21 bottles of samples, which sold out in the same amount of time.

Despite the fast sales, the smoothies received mixed reviews from students. Kevin Wesel ’17 said that he thought the drinks tasted good, but they were extremely overpriced for an item being purchased at school.

“The drink is probably not something I would purchase again,” Kyle Corman ’15 said. “I bought it for the novelty, and the taste is not really that appealing. It’s bland, and the taste is not really that strong.”