Boys’ and Girls’ swimming teams compete in honor of Justin Carr ’14


Lee Nichols ’20 dives into the pool during a relay for the Wolverines. Credit: Luke Casola/Chronicle

Luke Casola

The boys’ and girls’ swimming both finished first today in the fourth annual Justin Carr Memorial Friday Night Lights Classic in honor of Justin Carr ’14 competing against five other schools.

The girls finished with 157.5 points and the boys finished with 247. Crespi, Notre Dame, Rowland, Poly and Cleveland participated in the meet, with Notre Dame finishing second with 214 points for the boys.

Swimmer Paul LeClerc ’18 said that he was pleased with the team’s performance.

“I think the team swam very well as a whole, I saw a lot of cheering, everyone was excited and the atmosphere was great,” LeClerc said. “It was a really fun meet and I think people are starting to find their footing and the coaches used this as an opportunity to see us swim some different events to get a better idea of the depth we have in each event.”

For the boys, LeClerc finished with 32 points, swimmer Jameson McMullen ’19 finished with 28 and swimmer Adam Copses ’20 finished with 25. LeClerc came in first place in the 200-yard medley relay, 200-yard individual medley and 100-yard backstroke. McMullen placed third in the 200-yard freestyle, second in the 400-yard freestyle relay and first in the 200-yard medley relay and 100-yard freestyle.

For the girls, swimmer Angelica Sih ’20 finished with 32 points, swimmer Eve Hookstratten ’20 finished with 39 and swimmer Lee Nichols ’20 finished with 23.

Both teams will compete again on Thursday against Loyola and Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy.