Annual Justin Carr Meet will have free heart screening

Charlie Wang

The Harvard Westlake swim team will compete in the annual Justin Carr Friday Night Lights swim meet on Friday at the Copses Family Pool. To go along with the meet itself, there will also be free heart screening tests provided by the Justin Carr Wants World Peace Foundation from 3:00-7:30 p.m. 

The screenings take about 20 minutes to complete and are non-invasive. The screenings will also include a health history review, echocardiogram and ECG. 

According to, sudden cardiac arrests are the number one killer of student athletes and number one cause of death on school campuses.

Justin Carr ’14 was a performer, artist and swimmer at Harvard Westlake when he had a sudden cardiac arrest in 2013 due to an undiagnosed heart condition. Carr’s mother, Susanne, says that he seemed totally healthy and showed no signs of any health issues before he passed. She says that the screenings have already helped many people become aware of heart issues that they had not been aware of.

 Overall, Susanne said that the meet is a great way to spread his message.

 “For us the meet helps in keeping one of Justin’s favorite things to do close to the heart and the school and spreading the message of peace because that’s what the world really needs today,” Carr said.

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