Stahl to teach in visual arts department

Tanisha Gunby

New teacher Nicole Stahl teaches ceramics, sculpture and glass classes in the visual arts department.

Before becoming a teacher, she assisted artists creating their own work. Most recently Stahl was an adjunct professor at California State University, San Bernardino. She also taught public glass blowing classes to students of all ages in Cincinnati.

Stahl said she enjoys teaching students, especially those who are new to the art.

“I love seeing the excitement that students get when it’s their very first time doing something,” Stahl said. “There’s a very special energy that a newbie has when they are trying something new that is very invigorating and even if you have been doing something for many, many years, you kinda of get reminded of what that was like when you tried that skill the first time.”

Stahl said her passion for art began early in her high school career which informed her decision to become an art teacher.

“I’m completely passionate about art,” Stahl said. “It’s an incredible media; it’s really challenging to do. It’s forever a learning process specifically glass and sculpture and things like that. You’re always learning new things, even if you have been doing it a long time.”