Casey Kim returns as Campaign Director

Caitlin Chung

Casey Kim, who worked in the Office of Advancement from 2007 to 2016, returned this year as the new Campaign Director. For the last two years, Kim served as an Associate Director of Advancement at Windward School.

“My decision [to return] was definitely driven by the opportunity to grow professionally and the opportunity to work with such an amazing advancement team, school administrators and wonderfully supportive Board of Trustees,” Kim said. “It’s been exciting to learn all the way the school has grown over the time that I was gone.”

Kim’s duties, which are still being finalized, will include focusing on the school’s financial aid and faculty compensation. Kim said she wants to find ways to further develop the part of the school’s mission statement that strives to have a “purpose beyond ourselves”.

“I definitely want to help grow the culture of philanthropy at the school by finding ways to show the importance of the school’s spending priorities with the community and inspiring them to support those efforts,” Kim said.

In addition, Kim will develop new ideas for the Weddington property through communication with Studio City community members.