Eugean Choi ’21 travels to Bolivia for fellowship

After researching South American culture and healing practices, Staff Writer and Layout Assistant Eugean Choi ’21 traveled to Bolivia to meet the healer Kallawaya, the witch doctors of Charazani, Bolivia. As part of the fellowship, Choi interviewed a fortune teller Kallawaya in La Paz but said that she was unable to find the witch doctors because they lived hours from civilization.

“I was supposed to study the witch doctors, [who are able to] heal your soul with herbs, but instead I went to a fortune teller Kallawaya, who used coca leaves and coins to tell my future accurately,” Choi said.

After visiting Bolivia, Choi documented her experience in an online blog. While she said that researching the medicinal practices of the Kallawaya was interesting, the most rewarding part of the trip was learning about Bolivian culture.

“My favorite part of the trip was being able to know the difference between American and Bolivian culture,” Choi said. “I went on the days when the markets were open, and it was fun seeing the fruits and going to the festivals. It was such a lively experience.”