Prefect Council organizes Fanatic Fest to end Spirit Week


The HW Spirit Team performs during the Fanatic Fest on Friday.

Alice He

The HW Spirit Team performs during the Fanatic Fest on Friday.

Students participated in a western-themed Fanatic Fest at break on Friday, which Prefect Council organized to increase school spirit before Homecoming.

To start the Fanatic Fest, math teacher Adam Varney then performed a line dancing routine.  Students also rode a mechanical bull and participated in a dodgeball game  against faculty.

The Fanatic Fest culminated a week of themed days, which included Memes/Vine Monday, Tropical Tuesday, East Coast Prep Wednesday and Throwback Thursday.

Sophomores and other students new to the campus said that they believe the Upper School’s Spirit Week generated school spirit.

“I think [dressing up] is really fun and it allows many people to be creative,” Mimi Offor ’21 said. “I really like it. The Middle School’s Spirit Week is kind of less creative, like pajamas and stuff, and here is just different and I like it.”

Though this year’s Fanatic Fest featured annual traditions like students dressing in the school’s colors and the Spirit Squad’s performance, students and faculty members said they enjoyed the new activities as well.

“Of all the Fanatic Fests I’ve been to, this year’s was the best,” Upper school dean Chris Jones said. “Everybody seems to be into it. I think it’s tough to get high school kids to really be into that pep rally, but the majority of the folks were really into it today – not just the students, but everyone.”